Research findings have shown that babies born prematurely, with a low birth weight, and/or medical complications are at greater risk of delays in growth and development. Early identification and treatment during infancy may prevent future problems and enhance the baby’s overall development.

As early as discharge from the hospital a licensed physical, occupational and/or speech language pathologist will examine the baby and perform a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to identify potential concerns.

Evaluations will include assessment of development, feeding, cognition, orthopedic and neurological conditions. Evaluations may also include assessment for adaptive equipment and assistive technology. At the time of the initial visit, a full report will be sent to the baby’s primary doctor or pediatrician and, if necessary, referrals for further interventions will obtained through the primary doctor.

Repeated evaluations allow us to demonstrate developmental changes and to obtain additional services or referrals to specialists if areas of concern are found. When the child is dismissed from the Follow-Up Program families will also receive guidance regarding possible future developmental needs and services available through the local school district.